Sarah and the rabbit

Sarah and the

A man was speeding down a back country road,
when he saw a rabbit
hopping in the middle of the road. Although he tried to swerve and miss
it, he hit the rabbit squarely. Being a true animal lover, the man slammed
on his brakes, leapt from his car, and hurried to see if the rabbit was
alright. To his dismay he found the rabbit was dead.

As the man sorrowing over the rabbit’s limp body, he heard another
coming. The other car stopped and the driver emerged to see what was
going on. The other driver, Sarah, nudged the rabbit’s limp body
with her toe and remarked that it surely was dead.

The man once again expressed his grief over having killed the poor
innocent animal but the Sarah said not to worry. She ran to her car, dug
around inside, and returned with a spray can.

She sprayed the rabbit’s body and, sure enough, after a few minutes,
rabbit stirred, quiverred, and then rose to a crouching position. A moment
later the rabbit started down the road as if nothing had ever

However, every few feet the rabbit would turn and wave goodbye. The
was astounded! He snatched the spray can from Sarah to see just what
kind of magic she had done! The spray can bore the label:
Restores life to any dead limp hair and gives it a permanent

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