School Exam Questions

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School Exam Answers

Q: What is a vibration?
A: There are good vibrations and bad vibrations. Good vibrations were discovered in the 1960s.

Q: What is the chemical formula for water?
A: h,i,j,k,l,m,n,o (h to o). [This was marked wrong.]

Q: To change centimeters to meters you _____?
A: take out centi.

Q: Where was the American Declaration of Independence signed?
A: At the bottom.

Q: Tapeworms are hermaphrodites. What is meant by the term “hermaphrodite”?
A: Lady Gaga.

Q: What do we call the science of classifying living things?
A: Racism.

Q: A star in the sky suddenly brightens to many times its original
brightness and then fades gradually over the next several years.
Hypothesize what happened in terms of a star’s life cycle.
A: It just had a hot flash and is probably going through menopause.

Q: Give a reason why people would want to live near power lines.
A: You get your electricity faster.

Spiritual Conflict

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He has published several books about the various cultures he has observed.

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