The Balloonist

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The Balloonist

A man is flying in a hot air balloon and
realizes he is lost. He reduces

height and spots a man down below. He lowers the balloon further and
shouts: “Excuse me, can you help me? I promised my friend I would
meet him half an hour ago, but I don’t know where I am.

The man below says: “Yes. You are in a hot air balloon, hovering
approximately 30 feet above this field. You are between 40 and 42
degrees N. latitude, and between 58 and 60 degrees West

You must be an engineer” says the balloonist.

I am” replies the man. “How did you know?”

Well” says the balloonist, “everything you have told me is

correct, but I have no idea what to make of your information, and the
fact is I am still lost.”

The man below says “You must be a manager.”

I am” replies the balloonist, “but how did you

Well”, says the man, “You don’t know where you are, or where you are

going. You have made a promise which you have no idea how to keep, and you

expect me to solve your problem.” The final fact is you are in the exact
position you were in before we met, but now it is somehow my

Find your way home!

 Gary has been a writer/ photographer for over 20 years, specializing in nature,landscapes and studying native cultures.Besides visiting most of the United States, he has traveled to such places as Egypt,the Canary Islands,much of the Caribbean. He has studied  the Mayan Cultures in Central America, and the Australian Aboriginal way of life.Photography has given him the opportunity to observe life in many different parts of the world!

He has published several books about the various cultures he has observed.

For more information and a link to his hard cover and Ebooks,and contact information: please check his

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The wisdom of our ancestors

The wisdom of our ancestors

There is an extreme shortage of common sense in today’s world,
I often think back to what my parents and grandparents believed and said, at the time I thought they were totally out of their mind and ignored it. I now wish I would have listened and followed their advice more often.
It is in this light I have decided to publish some of my random thoughts based on the views of our ancestors


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