The Brake Job

The Brake Job

A Software Engineer, a Hardware Engineer and a Departmental
Manager were on their way to a meeting in Switzerland. They were driving
down a steep mountain road when suddenly the brakes on their car

The car careered almost out of control down the road, bouncing
off the crash barriers, until it miraculously ground to a halt scraping
along the mountainside. The car’s occupants, shaken but unhurt, now had a
problem: they were stuck halfway down a mountain in a car with no
brakes. What were they to do?

“I know”, said the Departmental Manager, “Let’s have a meeting,
propose a Vision , formulate a Mission Statement, define some Goals, and
by a process of Continuous Improvement find a solution to the Critical
Problems, and we can be on our way.”

“No, no”, said the Hardware Engineer, “That will take far too long,
and besides, that method has never worked before. I’ve got my Swiss Army
knife with me, and in no time at all I can strip down the car’s braking
system, isolate the fault, fix it, and we can be on our way.”

“Well”, said the Software Engineer, “before we do anything, I think
we should push the car back up the road and see if it happens again.”

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 Gary has been a writer/ photographer for over 20 years, specializing in nature,landscapes and studying native cultures.Besides visiting most of the United States, he has traveled to such places as Egypt,the Canary Islands,much of the Caribbean. He has studied  the Mayan Cultures in Central America, and the Australian Aboriginal way of life.Photography has given him the opportunity to observe life in many different parts of the world!


He has published several books about the various cultures he has observed.


For more information and a link to his hard cover and Ebooks,and contact information: please check his


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