Republican Dogs

A large Democrat meeting was held in a county seat in Indiana, which was attended by a small boy who had four young puppy dogs which he offered for sale.
 Finally, one in the crowd ,approaching the boy, asked, ” Are these Democrat pups my son?”
“yes, Sir.” He replied.
“Well, Then,” He Said,” I’ll take these two.”
About a week later the Republicans held a meeting at the same place, and among the crowd was to be seen the same boy and his  two remaining pups.
 He tried for hours to  obtain a purchaser , and finally was approached by a Republican and asked :” My lad , what kind of pups are these you have?”
“They’re Republican pups, sir.”
The Democrat who had purchased the first two happened to be in ear shot and broke out at the boy:
“See here, you young rascal, didn’t you tell me that those pups I bought from you last week were Democrats?”
“Y-e-s, sir,” said the young dog-merchant: “but these pups aren’t , they’ve got their eyes open!”

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